Friday, December 3, 2010

Have You Heard...

We're gonna be family :) Isn't our baby beautiful?! We're so excited and couldn't be happier!

Look! Look what we made!!

My Prego Story

Do you remember that post where I whined about not being pregnant? Well, they day I wrote that post I had taken a pregnancy test about six days early, and that particular test boasted that it was right six days early. And when that test said negative I was devastated. Then six days later, my monthly timer was late. That night I got a positive pregnancy test. I got another positive that morning. I was excited, but also worried I was getting a false reading. I called and got an appointment with my doc for what would be my eight week mark (so that would put me four more weeks out from that Friday) but two weeks later I start bleeding and was extremely worried that my body was not wanting to carrying a baby again and my doc had me come in the very next day. We did an ultrasound and the baby looked great and healthy. Turns out I had a polyp that had started to bleed, most likely caused by too much stress and standing all day at work (not that that has changed, we still stand all day but luckily I haven't had any other problems) and my doc just had me take a couple of days just nice and easy.

We had our second ultrasound at our eight week mark and could see the heartbeat and little bit of activity from our baby. We are lucky enough to have Dr. Jacob Curtis in Preston, Id be our doc and he's awesome. He has just one lump fee and and less expensive ultrasound machine so he's really great about doing ultrasounds almost every time. And things have been great. I've been really lucky and haven't got too sick unless I'm around cigarette smoke. That smell makes my sick to my stomach, especially if it's a patient at work. Oh man I can't hardly stand to be around that smell.

Then, at our last appointment, my twelve week mark, Jed and I got to really see our baby (see picture at our pregnant announcement post) and that was simply amazing. The baby seemed to look right at us and wave it's little fingers. Our baby is absolutely beautiful! And being pregnant is absolutely the most amazing thing. My love for our baby is already unlimited and I'm so excited to have this blessing given unto me. I pray that women who desire to be mothers will get to experience this amazing feeling, and my thoughts and prayers are constantly with those families who are trying, wanting, and waiting. I pray that soon enough they will also be lucky enough to share these wonderful and precious moments/feelings.

I'm now at my fifteen week mark. I still have at least three weeks before I can even hope to feel the baby move but most likely five or more weeks. I'm enjoying every bit of this pregnancy and trying to capture every moment and be ready to catch many more. In five weeks we'll get our gender test done and find out what kind of baby we're gonna have and I'm stoked!! Once we find out we can start narrowing our name list and I think it'll make this all feel a lot more real.

I'm so excited to be a mom!! I can't even begin to explain this feeling!! I feel extremely blessed and I know Jed's also excited and it going to be a wonderful dad!! **Shrieking and Squealing!!** Yay :) I get to be a mom :)


So we had an amazing Thanksgiving. Jed and I worked really hard to get the back bathroom rid of mold and mildew, the flooded floor cleaned up, the toilets wax seal replaced, Jed put new sheet-rock around the top of the shower and then put beautiful tongue and grove wood up, painted the walls, but a new floor down, got everything scrubbed up nice and put up decorations. Jed's amazing with home repairs. He also got the guest bedroom all ready to be used. Why did we bother with so much work for Thanksgiving? Because my family came down!! It was awesome!! It was WONDERFUL to have my parents and brothers here!!
They got to our house about 11:30pm Wednesday night and my mom and my brother Denton went to Walmart about 12midnight to get our Thanksgiving grocery shopping done. Mom and I (okay okay, mostly Mom, but I listened and learned and helped) made Thanksgiving dinner in our kitchen and we just hung out and enjoyed each others company Thursday. Friday after Jed got off work, Jed, my Dad and Denton went snowmobiling in the hills above Franklin, Idaho. My mom and I went shopping about 10am and met up with my mother-in-law and her mom for lunch, then went shopping some more. My brothers Scott and Robert slept in and played in the snow. That night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where I got sick after a group came in reeking like cigarette smoke. I don't know why but that smell makes me sick to my stomach more than anything else. Saturday we slept in a bit, Dad went to work with Jed, Mom, my brothers Robert and Denton and myself when to Tai Pan and Smith and Edwards, while my Scott slept in. Denton, Dad and Jed were going to go snowmobiling again but they all took naps and by the time they woke up they would've only had two hours to sled and they decided that it wasn't worth it by that time.
That night we all went to the mall where Mom bought me some maternity jeans and couple of maternity shirts. Maternity jeans are a gift from Heaven. They're stylish yet oh-so comfy. Dad bought us Blue Cache Cards, they're kind of like discount cards, and I love them! Then Mom and Dad took up to see Unstoppable. Dang good movie!!
And then sadly they packed up and headed for home after breakfast on Sunday. I cried after they left. Sure they're only five hours away which isn't forever away but it's far enough away we only get home every few months. Thank goodness for phones!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. I LOVE my family and can't wait to spend Christmas with them!


We were able to go home during the summer and, as is good Jensen style, we spent some time at Lake Owyhee in Vale, OR. I miss home but I wouldn't give up the life I have with Jed for anything in the world.

Christmas List

This is the NOOKcolor by Barnes and Noble. And I am craving it. It has books, music, Wifi, photos and much more. It's more than a Kindle and close to an Ipad so I can stick with my Apple boycott but still have something similar. I'm in love. Even if I need to skip getting a Christmas gift so and get it as a birthday present, that's great. I'm just pretty sure I need one :)

Jed's Rodeos

So I'm a little behind on posting these but for those of you who don't know, my sexy Cowboy Hubby rodeos during the summer/fall months. He competes in Stock Saddle. Basically he rides the bucking broncs but rides in his every day western saddle. It's an older ranch rodeo events that has started to be recognized in the western states over the last few years. In fact, Idaho and Oregon are making it part of the state rodeo association and so that's where we head for most of the rodeos but there are a few in Utah as well. It's kind of scary to watch the love of your life get atop a powerful animal and all you can do is pray he gets in and out of the chute, rides it through and gets off okay, especially after watching other kids get stepped on their heads and have a piece of skull get pushed into their brains or stepped on their stomach and have their spleen explode, but Jed loves it and we've been blessed enough for him to get on and off safely, so I'll support him as long he wants to keep riding and keeps riding without getting hurt. Enjoy some fun pics :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Sunsets around Logan

We have some of the most beautiful sunsets here in Cache Valley

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well... dang it

We're still not pregnant and it just gets harder and harder to deal with the let down. I know that I'm not the only one going through these kinds of hard times, but it's a personal challenge that is getting harder and harder for me to deal with. I know that the Lord has His own time table and He will bless us when the time is right, but I can't help but think every now and again, why not now? Why not us? And I have such a hard time when teenage kids get pregnant (like my 17 yr old brother-in-law and his 16 yr old girlfriend, I love them and will be there for them, but I'm selfish and this has been very hard for me) or people who aren't married or who aren't following the principles of the church get pregnant... basically anyone who just gets pregnant just because and who aren't making the best decisions and who just don't "get it"... it just break my heart and I just feel sad for myself. I know that's not the right attitude to have, but sometime I just can't help it. I need to be better. Really, I am excited for them to have such a precious blessing. It truly is exciting when a new spirit is brought to earth, and I truly am happy for them. It just gets hard some days.

On a different note, Jed has changed his major from Pre-Vet/Animal Science to Ag. Business. He seems to very happy with the change and the long term advantages. He's not completely shutting door on vet. school, but just taking a change for a semester. I'm secretly thrilled because it means he can be done with school in two years instead of ten, however I will be loving and supportive of whatever career decision he makes. After graduation Jed will have many different job opportunities and I think he's pretty excited about that. We've been extended a potential job offer in Saratoga, Wy working on the Overland Trail Cattle Co. It's approx. 490,000 acres/488 sq miles of ranch. The Platte River runs through 22 miles of it. It's gorgeous. Our good buddy Tyler Hamilton is the Cattle Manager for the ranch our there and he's the one who is trying to get Jed a permanent job there after graduation. I'm pretty excited about it!

Other than that, we're just getting through day by day. We still love each other unconditionally. We're crazy about each other. We're healthy and strong. Our dogs, Little Bear Lacey Lou, our cat Walt, and our fish Mike are great and entertaining. We've got amazing friends, I'm so excited for Gabe and Carlie, who get married Oct. 14th of this year. They are wonderful and great friends and we wish them the best. I feel totally blessed to have Joe and Jency back in Cache Valley, even for a short time, I feel very grateful for their friendship and I'm excited to make some fun memories this fall/winter.I'm especially excited for our girls weekend. I'd like to thank all of you who read this, I love you and appreciate that you care. I couldn't be happier for Ashley and Matt to welcome their baby boy home in just a few short weeks and wish them the very best. I'm excited for my brothers season of football, so far 2-0 and going strong. I'm grateful for my family, both on Jed's side and mine, for their continued love and support. I'm thankful for the Gospel in my life and the peace, hope, and joy is brings to my life. We just got called and sustained to be Webelo cub scout leaders together and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm excited that Fall is here. I love Fall! But mostly I'm eternally grateful for my husband. He is my life, my whole world. I'm so thankful for him, for his love, patience, ability to make me laugh. I could not ask for better.

I Love You, Jed Wayne Pugsley. Always and Forever, I Love You.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer 2010

(our fish "Mike")

Well Hello dear friends! It has sadly been too long! Jed and I had a wonderful summer filled with many wonderful adventures with good friends and family.

This is a crazy blog filled with many pictures of our summer... Enjoy! And sorry, they're all kinda out of order and random, but it makes it fun (This pictures of Hubby is so ADORABLE I j just post it :) )

This is a cool one of a Buffalo we saw in Yellowstone. I shot this with my amazingly cool new Fugifilm Camera Jed bought me in Montana just outside of Yellowstone because he know how much enjoy taking pictures. He really is the best Hubby EVER!!

One of the geysers in Yellowstone.

A VERY hot pool in Yellowstone.

Haha I LOVE this picture... Gabe, Joe, Chavis and Hubby decided to make fun of the gay guys walking around Yellowstone, but I'm pretty sure they were just showing off for us ladies :)

You can kind of see the deep hole that goes and goes and goes in this pretty pool.... Jed sure thought this pool was neat!

Chavis wearing Carlie's sunglasses at Old Faithful... what a goofball :)

Old Faithful

The fun water at the Continental Divide... we crossed it three times!

Haha, another picture I LOVE! This Cowboys are so funny! And don't worry, they really aren't peeing :)

The whole fun group... Chavis, Jed, Me, Gabe, Carlie, Joe, and Jency. I LOVE these people!

Hubby and I in front of one the geysers (By the way, this was my first time to Yellowstone National Park and Island Park. Thank Hubby and friends for making it one of the greatest trips!.... "Sooarry Boys...." haha :) )

This hot pool was boiling mud and Jed and I came away craving chocolate milk.....

These signs were everywhere and it made me laugh.

So you can't tell from this picture, but the tree on the left has a black bear sleeping under it... if you squint really really hard you can kinda see the top of its head... see.... right there... We saw three bears and unfortunately this is one of the better one,but this was taken with my old and broken camera.

The famous Petrified Tree.

So our Island Park/Yellowstone trip was over the July 4th weekend. Thanks again Joe and Jency for letting us be there with you. The boys had WAY too much fun with the fireworks. This is Jed/Hubby having fun with a sparkler.

Kind of a side note picture... Jed made us a table. He propane torched it so the grain got burnt and showed up like this and then polyed it so it has a nice, smooth finish. Next to our pine bed he built us for my wedding present, it's one of my favorite items we own.

This picture looks CRAZY!! But I really am just holding a sparkler.

We left Yellowstone and headed into Jackson Hole, WY and this was our view. Gorgeous, ain't it?!

We went to the Bar J Wrangler that night, again my first time, and I LOVE them! But I love Hubby's kisses more!!

Another gorgeous picture along our travel from Yellowstone in Jackson, the Tetons, the Buffalo, the green green grass.... It doesn't get much better. I call this one, "Beneath these Western Skies."

The group at the Bar J Wranglers.

Jed, Gabe, Carlie I stayed the night in Jackson. I Love waking up in Wyoming with my Love!

Jed trying to look scared of Big Foot... I don't quite see it...

Me trying to look scared, but I couldn't quit laughing.

This is a good sign :)

This is a random picture from our new house in the kichen. Do you like the pink counter tops?

This is our marvelous oven the previous renter found on the side of the road... it works great and looks cool too.

This is Walter, we call him Walt. He is the most adorable, courage,lovable, entertaining cat. We love him!

Well hope that kind of catchesus up. I have some other house pictures and rodeo pictures to post, but, like everything else in life, I'll get to them one day. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still Here...

And needing to BLOG!! So many fun things have happened that I want to share!! I just now need to make time to do so instead of waiting for the time to come to me... I'll be writing soon!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So much work to do, so good at procastinating...

For instance, I should be packing up the extra room so that we can get it all moved over to the new place tonight but instead decided that the dishes need washing... But they surely didn't need drying because the laundry need swithed, folded... And not put away because the shelves and tv needs to be dusted before we move them on Saturday... And come to think of it, my NEW CAR needs to be vaccumed!!

Haha that's right! Cami FINALLY got an ADORABLE 2006 Nissan Xterra!! I LOVE IT!! It's black. 4X4, clean and wonderful!

And now that I've finally wasted enough time on the blog, I should go pack up that room... Maybe I'll try finding the camera to take some new pictures... Oh and Lacie and Little Bear and being so funny!! I need to find that camera.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Summer Goals

Hey ya'll

So Jed and I are are moving into a HOUSE!! We get the keys tonight and can start cleaning and painting and then next week we can start moving everything over to the new place. Its a little old but it it's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, has a huge living room, a big kitchen, a washroom, and we're putting up a fence for the dogs and fixing the corrals for the horses. I'm SO excited!!

And now that we're in a house, I actually want to be a WIFE and learn wifely duties...
-Cooking: At least twice a day
-Sewing: Because Jed is a busy, harding man and loves to get new rips in his jeans
-Baking: Everyone woman should know how to bake breads and cakes and stuff
-Cleaning: I acutally enjoy this one... but I can be better about washing base boards and whatnot
-Gardening: So I don't have to live off my in-laws for fresh fruits and veggies
-Canning: So we have good winter food as well as food storage
-Food Storage/Emergency Kits: Beause you know never know what's on its way
-Memories: I need to take more pictures of all our adventures so we can remember all of our wonderful moments!

Maybe I'll try working part-time so I actually have time to learn all these marvelous skills haha.

Wish me luck!

--I love my husband and I love our Life!

ps... stay tuned for pictures of our old apartment and our new house!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh geez

Since nobody bothers to read my blog, I'm going to write somethhing somewhat personal. And if someone does happen to read this, then thanks for caring :)

So... I want to have a baby.

In the worst way I want to have a baby.

Like actually start my family.

But my body got all screwed when I had the depo shot and now I'm not ovulating.
It's a very real, very deep pain that I have from wanting a baby so badly.

Sometimes, late at night after Jed has fallen asleep, I sneak to the couch and cry. And sometimes I cry in Jed's arms. And sometimes when I'm in somewhere I can't outloud, like church or work, I cry deep down inside.

Jed and I are having a wonderful evening and it's a happy, lovey night and so I don't want to tell him and make tonight a sad night, but tonight I hurt for want of a baby.

Oh geez. Can't wait for the miracal to finally happen.

And now I'm going to go watch a movie and have a wonderful, lovey night with my Hubby.

- I love my husband and I do love our life... I'm just excited to add a little one in someday :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kickin' into high gear

Alright, I'm done sittin around, feelin bad for myself because of the weight I've gained, because we're having such a hard time getting pegnant and we can't afford to really do a lot about it, because I can't wear my jeans... I'm just done. I'm now a member of the local Anytime Fitness. I'm keeping an online foood journal that's connected to my workout plan which is all connected to the gym. I'm going to loose weight, tone up, and actually feel good about myself. I'm going to feel worth while again. But I am not going to post "before" and "after" pictures. No one should have to see that except my husband and I. But hopefully I'll post about how I'm doing and how I'm feeling overall. I'm excited to get started and see how far I go. Wish me luck. I'l need it :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I FINALLY colored my hair :S

So I've gone from very blond to very dark. Well, the darkest I've been. What do you think?