Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So much work to do, so good at procastinating...

For instance, I should be packing up the extra room so that we can get it all moved over to the new place tonight but instead decided that the dishes need washing... But they surely didn't need drying because the laundry need swithed, folded... And not put away because the shelves and tv needs to be dusted before we move them on Saturday... And come to think of it, my NEW CAR needs to be vaccumed!!

Haha that's right! Cami FINALLY got an ADORABLE 2006 Nissan Xterra!! I LOVE IT!! It's black. 4X4, clean and wonderful!

And now that I've finally wasted enough time on the blog, I should go pack up that room... Maybe I'll try finding the camera to take some new pictures... Oh and Lacie and Little Bear and being so funny!! I need to find that camera.......


  1.'s alright to procrastinate...until you have no time left:D I always seem to do that! Oh well, have fun getting into your new house...and DO find that camera because I would love to see some pictures girl!

  2. Yes, I wanna see pictures of the house and your new car!