Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Summer Goals

Hey ya'll

So Jed and I are are moving into a HOUSE!! We get the keys tonight and can start cleaning and painting and then next week we can start moving everything over to the new place. Its a little old but it it's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, has a huge living room, a big kitchen, a washroom, and we're putting up a fence for the dogs and fixing the corrals for the horses. I'm SO excited!!

And now that we're in a house, I actually want to be a WIFE and learn wifely duties...
-Cooking: At least twice a day
-Sewing: Because Jed is a busy, harding man and loves to get new rips in his jeans
-Baking: Everyone woman should know how to bake breads and cakes and stuff
-Cleaning: I acutally enjoy this one... but I can be better about washing base boards and whatnot
-Gardening: So I don't have to live off my in-laws for fresh fruits and veggies
-Canning: So we have good winter food as well as food storage
-Food Storage/Emergency Kits: Beause you know never know what's on its way
-Memories: I need to take more pictures of all our adventures so we can remember all of our wonderful moments!

Maybe I'll try working part-time so I actually have time to learn all these marvelous skills haha.

Wish me luck!

--I love my husband and I love our Life!

ps... stay tuned for pictures of our old apartment and our new house!

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  1. Cami! How exciting! Where is it that you live now? We definitely need to get together and catch up! I can't wait to see the pictures you post! Love ya and have fun with all your fun 'womanly duties'. :D