Friday, December 3, 2010

My Prego Story

Do you remember that post where I whined about not being pregnant? Well, they day I wrote that post I had taken a pregnancy test about six days early, and that particular test boasted that it was right six days early. And when that test said negative I was devastated. Then six days later, my monthly timer was late. That night I got a positive pregnancy test. I got another positive that morning. I was excited, but also worried I was getting a false reading. I called and got an appointment with my doc for what would be my eight week mark (so that would put me four more weeks out from that Friday) but two weeks later I start bleeding and was extremely worried that my body was not wanting to carrying a baby again and my doc had me come in the very next day. We did an ultrasound and the baby looked great and healthy. Turns out I had a polyp that had started to bleed, most likely caused by too much stress and standing all day at work (not that that has changed, we still stand all day but luckily I haven't had any other problems) and my doc just had me take a couple of days just nice and easy.

We had our second ultrasound at our eight week mark and could see the heartbeat and little bit of activity from our baby. We are lucky enough to have Dr. Jacob Curtis in Preston, Id be our doc and he's awesome. He has just one lump fee and and less expensive ultrasound machine so he's really great about doing ultrasounds almost every time. And things have been great. I've been really lucky and haven't got too sick unless I'm around cigarette smoke. That smell makes my sick to my stomach, especially if it's a patient at work. Oh man I can't hardly stand to be around that smell.

Then, at our last appointment, my twelve week mark, Jed and I got to really see our baby (see picture at our pregnant announcement post) and that was simply amazing. The baby seemed to look right at us and wave it's little fingers. Our baby is absolutely beautiful! And being pregnant is absolutely the most amazing thing. My love for our baby is already unlimited and I'm so excited to have this blessing given unto me. I pray that women who desire to be mothers will get to experience this amazing feeling, and my thoughts and prayers are constantly with those families who are trying, wanting, and waiting. I pray that soon enough they will also be lucky enough to share these wonderful and precious moments/feelings.

I'm now at my fifteen week mark. I still have at least three weeks before I can even hope to feel the baby move but most likely five or more weeks. I'm enjoying every bit of this pregnancy and trying to capture every moment and be ready to catch many more. In five weeks we'll get our gender test done and find out what kind of baby we're gonna have and I'm stoked!! Once we find out we can start narrowing our name list and I think it'll make this all feel a lot more real.

I'm so excited to be a mom!! I can't even begin to explain this feeling!! I feel extremely blessed and I know Jed's also excited and it going to be a wonderful dad!! **Shrieking and Squealing!!** Yay :) I get to be a mom :)


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures of landscapes! ; ) So I read the whole post and even teared up a little bit!! ; ) I am so HAPPY for you and Jed! ; )

  2. FINALLY!!! haha I have been waiting for this post :) I am really so excited for you guys! do you have some names picked out??!