Friday, December 3, 2010


So we had an amazing Thanksgiving. Jed and I worked really hard to get the back bathroom rid of mold and mildew, the flooded floor cleaned up, the toilets wax seal replaced, Jed put new sheet-rock around the top of the shower and then put beautiful tongue and grove wood up, painted the walls, but a new floor down, got everything scrubbed up nice and put up decorations. Jed's amazing with home repairs. He also got the guest bedroom all ready to be used. Why did we bother with so much work for Thanksgiving? Because my family came down!! It was awesome!! It was WONDERFUL to have my parents and brothers here!!
They got to our house about 11:30pm Wednesday night and my mom and my brother Denton went to Walmart about 12midnight to get our Thanksgiving grocery shopping done. Mom and I (okay okay, mostly Mom, but I listened and learned and helped) made Thanksgiving dinner in our kitchen and we just hung out and enjoyed each others company Thursday. Friday after Jed got off work, Jed, my Dad and Denton went snowmobiling in the hills above Franklin, Idaho. My mom and I went shopping about 10am and met up with my mother-in-law and her mom for lunch, then went shopping some more. My brothers Scott and Robert slept in and played in the snow. That night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where I got sick after a group came in reeking like cigarette smoke. I don't know why but that smell makes me sick to my stomach more than anything else. Saturday we slept in a bit, Dad went to work with Jed, Mom, my brothers Robert and Denton and myself when to Tai Pan and Smith and Edwards, while my Scott slept in. Denton, Dad and Jed were going to go snowmobiling again but they all took naps and by the time they woke up they would've only had two hours to sled and they decided that it wasn't worth it by that time.
That night we all went to the mall where Mom bought me some maternity jeans and couple of maternity shirts. Maternity jeans are a gift from Heaven. They're stylish yet oh-so comfy. Dad bought us Blue Cache Cards, they're kind of like discount cards, and I love them! Then Mom and Dad took up to see Unstoppable. Dang good movie!!
And then sadly they packed up and headed for home after breakfast on Sunday. I cried after they left. Sure they're only five hours away which isn't forever away but it's far enough away we only get home every few months. Thank goodness for phones!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. I LOVE my family and can't wait to spend Christmas with them!

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