Friday, December 3, 2010

Jed's Rodeos

So I'm a little behind on posting these but for those of you who don't know, my sexy Cowboy Hubby rodeos during the summer/fall months. He competes in Stock Saddle. Basically he rides the bucking broncs but rides in his every day western saddle. It's an older ranch rodeo events that has started to be recognized in the western states over the last few years. In fact, Idaho and Oregon are making it part of the state rodeo association and so that's where we head for most of the rodeos but there are a few in Utah as well. It's kind of scary to watch the love of your life get atop a powerful animal and all you can do is pray he gets in and out of the chute, rides it through and gets off okay, especially after watching other kids get stepped on their heads and have a piece of skull get pushed into their brains or stepped on their stomach and have their spleen explode, but Jed loves it and we've been blessed enough for him to get on and off safely, so I'll support him as long he wants to keep riding and keeps riding without getting hurt. Enjoy some fun pics :)

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