Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer 2010

(our fish "Mike")

Well Hello dear friends! It has sadly been too long! Jed and I had a wonderful summer filled with many wonderful adventures with good friends and family.

This is a crazy blog filled with many pictures of our summer... Enjoy! And sorry, they're all kinda out of order and random, but it makes it fun (This pictures of Hubby is so ADORABLE I j just post it :) )

This is a cool one of a Buffalo we saw in Yellowstone. I shot this with my amazingly cool new Fugifilm Camera Jed bought me in Montana just outside of Yellowstone because he know how much enjoy taking pictures. He really is the best Hubby EVER!!

One of the geysers in Yellowstone.

A VERY hot pool in Yellowstone.

Haha I LOVE this picture... Gabe, Joe, Chavis and Hubby decided to make fun of the gay guys walking around Yellowstone, but I'm pretty sure they were just showing off for us ladies :)

You can kind of see the deep hole that goes and goes and goes in this pretty pool.... Jed sure thought this pool was neat!

Chavis wearing Carlie's sunglasses at Old Faithful... what a goofball :)

Old Faithful

The fun water at the Continental Divide... we crossed it three times!

Haha, another picture I LOVE! This Cowboys are so funny! And don't worry, they really aren't peeing :)

The whole fun group... Chavis, Jed, Me, Gabe, Carlie, Joe, and Jency. I LOVE these people!

Hubby and I in front of one the geysers (By the way, this was my first time to Yellowstone National Park and Island Park. Thank Hubby and friends for making it one of the greatest trips!.... "Sooarry Boys...." haha :) )

This hot pool was boiling mud and Jed and I came away craving chocolate milk.....

These signs were everywhere and it made me laugh.

So you can't tell from this picture, but the tree on the left has a black bear sleeping under it... if you squint really really hard you can kinda see the top of its head... see.... right there... We saw three bears and unfortunately this is one of the better one,but this was taken with my old and broken camera.

The famous Petrified Tree.

So our Island Park/Yellowstone trip was over the July 4th weekend. Thanks again Joe and Jency for letting us be there with you. The boys had WAY too much fun with the fireworks. This is Jed/Hubby having fun with a sparkler.

Kind of a side note picture... Jed made us a table. He propane torched it so the grain got burnt and showed up like this and then polyed it so it has a nice, smooth finish. Next to our pine bed he built us for my wedding present, it's one of my favorite items we own.

This picture looks CRAZY!! But I really am just holding a sparkler.

We left Yellowstone and headed into Jackson Hole, WY and this was our view. Gorgeous, ain't it?!

We went to the Bar J Wrangler that night, again my first time, and I LOVE them! But I love Hubby's kisses more!!

Another gorgeous picture along our travel from Yellowstone in Jackson, the Tetons, the Buffalo, the green green grass.... It doesn't get much better. I call this one, "Beneath these Western Skies."

The group at the Bar J Wranglers.

Jed, Gabe, Carlie I stayed the night in Jackson. I Love waking up in Wyoming with my Love!

Jed trying to look scared of Big Foot... I don't quite see it...

Me trying to look scared, but I couldn't quit laughing.

This is a good sign :)

This is a random picture from our new house in the kichen. Do you like the pink counter tops?

This is our marvelous oven the previous renter found on the side of the road... it works great and looks cool too.

This is Walter, we call him Walt. He is the most adorable, courage,lovable, entertaining cat. We love him!

Well hope that kind of catchesus up. I have some other house pictures and rodeo pictures to post, but, like everything else in life, I'll get to them one day. :)


  1. Finally an update! It looks like you two have had some fun times this last summer! You are the cutest couple! Yay for updates:D

  2. Love it! I love your table that's so awesome!!!

  3. Yay I loved our trip! Good pictures! I love your table AND Walt... he's so fetching cute haha! p.s. I also love your guys "sparkler picture", yeah we all know what you guys were REALLY doing :) jk!!