Sunday, April 3, 2011

Winter/Christmas get together 2010

I truly love My Man!!

During Christmas time we had a get together with Joe and Jency Weston, Jency's cousin Amber, and our good buddy Tyler Hamilton. The boys were playing one of the James Bond games on the wii and their faces were priceless!!

Lacie was having fun too!

I Love this look she gives!

Haha I love their faces!!

Jency, this is awesome!

Our Christmas tree. Probably my favorite one so far!

Jed wouldn't let get many pictures of him, but still pretty funny!

It's a good thing we have a bigger TV!!

Jed said NO MORE after this picture. He hates having his picture taken! :(

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  1. hahaha these boys are so funny! I love how serious they get. We need to all get together again!