Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jackon - May 2011

So a few weeks ago, I was kinda freaking out that we are going to be parents, which means that it will never be just Jed and I ever again, that life is going to dramatically change. And while we couldn't be happier at the little bundle of joy that will be joining us soon, my

wonderful husband got us a cozy hotel room at the Lexington Suites in Jackson Hole, Wy. We had a king size bed, a huge jacuzzi tub, and it was wonderful. It did rain almost the whole time but it was such a wonderful weekend!!

We saw a lot of wildlife on our there and back! The moose, three big buck mountain goats and a ton of wild elk! We saw the big herd of mountain goats on our way back!

It rained almost the entire weekend but it was perfect! We ate out, did lots of window shopping, just bought me a wonderful pendant to put on a chain, we just had a wonderful, lazy, cozy time! It definately helped me kinda calm down and realize that no matter,

we'll always have each other and things will always be wonderful and we'll always love each other. I knew that before, but having a weekend to ourselves, away from the norm, was just what my crazy, hormonal mind needed. Oh, and we had a wonderful dinner at The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.

The view was gorgeous! Unfortunately, you don't get to see it because Jed wouldn't let me take any pictures of him ;) haha.

And we just love little towns along the way.

Thanks for being so wonderful Hubby!

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