Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Belly Pictures

Week 32 ...

Looks like I have big ball in my tummy!

Week 39

And here it looks like I swallowed a huge watermelon

I have gestational hypertension and my blood pressure has been higher then my normal BP so my doc ordered to me stop working, to stick around my house and to not do more than I need to. Basically, 'House Rest' which at least is better then 'Bed Rest' but still sucks. Can you tell I'm going stir crazy?? Two and half weeks so far of pretty much never leaving our house.... AAggggghhhhh

I don't know why, but I really love this picture!

So I'm due Friday, May 27th and my doc usually won't induce labor until a full week late but since my BP is so high, he's only letting me get to Tuesday, May 31st. If she hasn't made it here on her own by then, then we will go to the hospital (Franklin Medical Center in Preston, Id) at 6 am to get induced. I'm so excited to at least have a date of when we'll finally be parents unless she decides to come early! We're so very excited and we'll be sure to let the whole world know when she's here and what her official name is! We have three names we can agree on and we'll decide on a for sure name once she's here. Our three are: - Blaikley - Swacie and - Elouise and we'd call her Ellie or Ella. Her middle name will be Diane. I wish I could but my feeling into words, but I'm not going to because for one, my feelings of being mom to this special spirit is very intimate and for a second, I couldn't to them justice. Wish us luck and be on the look out for the big news!!

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