Sunday, April 3, 2011

Animal Science Club Trip 2011

Jed is the President of the Animal Science Club here at USU for his second year in a row, this is his fourth year being involved in the club, and my fifth. We have taken many fun trips through out that time, but this was my first time seeing an ALLIGATOR farm! This was in Hagerman, Idaho, just outside of Twin Falls. Anybody can walk in and see these beautiful creatures in their fenced in ponds. It was absolutely incredible to see this, I thought, something so pre-historic in nature.

Just look at that HUGE head!

Earlier that day we were able to tour Falls Farm Kill and Packing Plant, which was fantastic because no one lets anyone in anymore, but I didn't get any pictures of that. We also visited a fish hatchery, which was really interesting, and we stopped to see the huge Sturgeon, and that was cool. But I didn't get any pictures until the alligator farm. These guys are just so cool! We also went to a feed lot, which was way cool, an Idaho Steelheads hockey game, and a big dairy. It was a really fun trip!

This sign made me laugh!

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