Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I'm really late getting these picture up. We have a back bathroom that we didn't use for the first 8 months just because it stunk and the floor was gross. When my family decided to join us at our house for Thanksgiving 2011, it gave us the motivation we needed to get this bathroom done! So here's the bathroom after we ripped up the floor, but this picture shows the hole behind the toilet before we fixed it.

The sink before we started

The inside of the shower, the ceiling was gross!

This picture shows the hole getting fixed and more of the floor getting scraped.

Jed really cleaned up the shower, put new sheet rock in the ceiling, and put of this beautiful tongue and grove wood. I LOVE it!

The light above the mirror didn't work so we decided to tear it off and cover it up!

Doesn't it look amazing!!

The new floor is amazing too! I LOVE the back bathroom now :) Thanks to My Love for putting so much time and energy getting this room going again. You are truly the most patient, kind, and loving hubby there ever was and I will love you forever and ever. And not just because you're such a handyman, but because you're an amazing man and husband, and you are already an amazing father. I love you, Jed Wayne. Forever and Always!

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  1. I didnt know you had this bathroom for the longest time! haha it looks awesome!