Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's time to go away...

So I don't know what my problem, but I truly can't stand staying the same place for a while. While it's changing jobs every year and half, moving every three or four years, or simply going on a getaway trip for a couple of days... but right now I NEED to get out. If I had it my way I'd go to Jackson Hole, one of my favorite places, and go fishing by the lake or snowmobiling or even just a picnic. But I'm stircrazy and need to go out. If only I had the money... one of these days, soon, I'm GOING!!!!!


  1. Well if you need to get away for a few days I know a nice little town in the middle of no where with a free place to stay. Not much to do there but real good company.

  2. I know a nice little town that's not that far a way but it feels worlds away from Logan

  3. Cami!!! I miss you. Hope you have a great week at work! Yeehaw!